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Unlock the Power of
fOr Sale By Owner Success!

A Realtor's Essential Playbook for Navigating FSBO Opportunities

Welcome, savvy Realtors! Are you ready to supercharge your success in the For Sale By Owner market? Our For Sale By Owner Playbook is your key to establishing lasting relationships with potential sellers. Dive into a comprehensive guide and unlock exclusive access to a For Sale By Owner Resource Hub that will empower both you and your potential clients.

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The For Sale By Owner Playbook
That You've Been Waiting For!

Designed Exclusively For Realtors!

Welcome to the ultimate For Sale By Owner Playbook! Part one is an agent-branded guide (13 plus pages), perfect for personal delivery, mail, or email. Equip potential sellers with invaluable resources. Part two is an agent-branded landing page, hosting essential documents for sellers. Gain access through lead capture, strategically positioning you to nurture relationships. This digital hub is versatile, easily shared via text, email, or QR code for maximum exposure. Elevate your FSBO game and transform leads into lasting connections!

What to Expect After Purchase

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Step 1

Receive Kick Start Form from Click Solutions

In your introductory email you will receive your online kick start form which is your portal to submitting what we need in order to customize your toolkit and webpage.

Step 2

Purchase your Domain/URL and setup a Wix account

You can purchase your domain/URL within Wix, or you can use any other domain registrar like Go Daddy.  A Wix hosting account is necessary.

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Step 3

Complete Kick Start Form and Submit

You can upload your professional photos, logos, colors along with all relevant contracts, agreements and disclosures for your resource hub.

Step 4

Schedule a call with a Click Solutions Account Representative

You will receive a calendar link to schedule your call after you have submitted your kick start form and we evaluate the information.


Step 5

Receive Version 1 of your webpage template and tool kit for review and edit.

Within Wix, you can view your initial webpage, this is your opportunity to make any edits.  Your edits can be communicated through email.  You are allowed 1 round of edits.  The tool kit will be sent to you via email for your review. 

Step 6

Receive Final Deliverables

You can expect deliver of your toolkit (typically over 13 pages) and final migration of your Wix account within 5 days of final edits.

Unlock the FSBO Playbook
Wait there's more.....

Click Solutions offers tailored branded marketing packages, uploaded into your CRM and ready for use.  Elevate your efficiency and success within the real estate ecosystem.

Monthly Newsletters, Buyer and Seller presentations, and custom branded pieces to stay top of min with your leads.
  • Can I customize my FSBO resource page?
    Realtors can customize the entire top banner. Add brand color. And determine documents provided in the resource hub, All realtors must provide headshot, Brokers logo, personal log and contact information,
  • How long will my FSBO page take to create?
    We strive to provide you your FSBO page within 2 weeks.
  • What is Wix and why do I need it?
    Wix is a cloud based website solution that a realtor will use for hosting your FSBO page. Click link below to read more about Wix. What is Wix, you ask? Let us show you
  • Do I need to create my own account in Wix?
    Yes. Click Solutions creates the FSBO resource page in Wix and transfers it to your Wix account. Once your Wix and Domain have been purchased, Click Solutions will handle the activation.
  • Which Wix package should I purchase?
    Wix offers several packages. You only need the most basic package to run this playbook. On average that price is around $20/monthly. This is subject to change based on Wix updates. For latest pricing, click link below. Wix Pricing Information | Upgrade to a Premium Plan |
  • What happens after I open a Wix account?
    Please furnish your login credentials to your Click Solution Account Manager. Wix mandates an authentication process that you complete following Wix's instructions. Each time access to the Wix account is needed, authentication could be necessary. You will receive the authentication prompt, and the Click Solution Account manager will coordinate with you to determine the optimal time for its transmission.
  • Where should I purchase my Domain/URL?
    You can purchase your domain through any provider such as GoDaddy or others. Wix is another alternative and sometimes Wix offers specials to purchase the domain through them.
  • What documents do I need to provide for my FSBO resource page?
    Whatever documents you want to share with a seller, a customized button will be added for sellers to download and use.
  • Why should I provide sellers with documents and assistance?
    By becoming a valuable resource to a seller, you are providing an opportunity to secure a relationship. According to Espresso Agent, 90% of the time, FSBOs eventually opt out of selling on their own, realizing the time and energy involved is not worth it in the long run. Here’s the critical thing to remember for any real estate agent: of those FSBOs who decide to work with an agent, about 70% will work with the first agent who contacts them. Prospecting FSBOs? Here’s What to Ask | Espresso Agent
  • What suggestions do you have for a Domain/URL?
    Agents have the opportunity to name their webpage with whatever header they choose. We suggest using a variation of FSBO/For sale by owner partnered with a description of the name of your header (Example: FSBO Resource Center).
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